There is an increasing number of people who are taking help of certified professional life coaches to create a significant change in their life. It can be something like taking a new career, starting a venture, managing time and figure out problems in personal and professional lives. In many cases, people simply come to life coaches to learn ways to improve the quality of their life and create a much happier and more meaningful life.

Signs that indicate you must talk to a life coach:

  • You are always catching up with time.
  • You get irritated quickly and frequently.
  • You are always multitasking.
  • You can get distracted easily.
  • You have a sense of blocked creativity.
  • You find it hard to share your emotions.
  • You always want to change the people around you.
  • You have low energy levels.
  • You are bitter about past.
  • You trust ‘wrong’ people.

New to life coaching? It’s like when humans started wearing shoes:

Do you know of the time when human race started to wear shoes? Initially people had a lot of doubts around wearing shoes but as time passed more and more people learned about the importance of wearing shoes and started wearing them. People learned that, wearing shoes not only keeps their feet safe from sharp stones and thorns but also helps them walk and run faster.

Likewise, until few years ago, not many people knew about life coaching. In recent years, life coaches have gained a considerable presence in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. There are growing number of executives, entrepreneurs and creatives that seek life coaches to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

Who is a professional life coach?

A life coach is a certified wellness professional who helps people advance in their life towards greater success. Life coaches facilitate development of their clients lives in personal and professional fields. They work towards streamlining the life of their clients by using life coaching tools and techniques.

A professional life coach can help you achieve goals, identify the barriers and pattern that hold you back, and suggest usable strategies to conquer challenges. Different life coaches have different niches and skills. A quality life coach can help you create lasting changes in your thinking and how you react to life.

Benefits of working with a life coach:

Dr Sabine and Dr Eva Traut-Mattausch from University of Austria investigated the relative effectiveness of coaching as an intervention to reduce procrastination. In this controlled study, participates were given individual coaching and group coaching sessions. Results indicate the group that did one-to-one coaching sessions were more successful in reducing procrastination and showed increased goal alignment.

This research reports that people who did one-to-one life coaching sessions reported higher degree of satisfaction and were more aligned to goal acquisition. People who did not have the support of life coach struggled through goal attainment.

What changes you may expect?

Out of the many benefits of working with a life coach, the significant advantage is your unmatched ability to bridge the gap between your current state and the life you want to live. A professional life coach can help you reduce your negative patterns and put you up on your success journey. Here are some of the changes one may experience while being life coached:

  • You become more creative.
  • You show greater financial stability.
  • You have stronger relationships.
  • You communicate better.
  • You have higher sense of self-worth.
  • You have growth mind-set.
  • You are willing to take risks.
  • You are no longer trapped in fear and anxiety.
  • You feel better about your life and choices.

People may come to life coaches for varies reasons, this could include working through negative patterns, sorting out old unproductive habits, removing fixed behaviours can causes failure, creating creative career options or even for identification of habits that create problems in their relationships.

Life coaching sessions can typically be taken on a fortnightly or monthly basis and can run up to a fixed period. In this way, life coaches can not only provide support that is necessary for their growth, and they can ensure that the client remains motivated and keeps moving forward. Accountability is one of the major advantages of working with a life coach.

Before you see a life coach:

Here are a few things to consider before you see a life coach.

  • Look for certifications. Be mindful of the fact that people can ‘declare’ to work as life coaches without certified. Confirming that the life coach is a certified at a professional level by a standard coaching association can give you confidence to share your problems.
  • Find their niche. Most life coaches develop their skills related to different areas, some are into career coaching, fitness coaching, sobriety coaching while others can be focused on mindset coaching and resilience coaching. See if their niche matches your needs.
  • Go to a doctor or therapist for mental health issues. Life coaches are wellness professionals, their advice can help you with mental well-being, but they are not qualified to treat mental illness. You must see your health practitioner can discuss your treatment options. However, A life coach can work alongside to support you to get better with other areas of life.

About the author:

Fariya Naseem is certified professional level life coach. Her niche is mindset coaching. She assists her clients to streamline their life by helping them set and achieve goals. She focusses on identifying the underlining issues and fixed mindset patterns that are stopping her clients achieve success and growth in their lives. She does one-to-one sessions in person and on zoom.

She conducts Life Coaching Power Workshops (LCPWs) to encourage people experience life coaching in a group setting. She is available for corporate coaching sessions and mindset coaching workshops.

Fariya is an also a fully registered teacher who has 10 years plus experience of teaching Physics. She holds degrees in Engineering and Education. She has a scientific outlook and likes to back her talk with research.

You are welcome to visit her website for more details. You can follow her page on Facebook and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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