About Me

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website! Here are few things about me:

I am an experienced and ANZCAL(Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance) Certified Professional Level Life Coach. I facilitate a better life for my clients. I work with people to improve their overall wellbeing. I help my clients get healthier relationships, reduce anxiety and boost energy levels. Being a professionally Certified Life Coach, I help my clients to set goals and I help them achieve their goals by using life coaching tools and techniques. I enable my clients to reconstruct their lives and work towards to make the journey enjoyable for them.

I love to learn. I have spent majority of my time acquiring knowledge. I am humbled to share that I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. I am certified Oracle Developer. I have a degree in Bachelor of Education and a Post Grad Diploma in Teaching in Learning (Secondary). I am a fully registered teacher and I have been teaching Physics for almost 10 years in New Zealand. I speak from a scientific point of view. It’s not stories and other “woo woo” stuff. I back my talk with research (with reference). I use research to help people get the best out of themselves.

Fariya Naseem
Fariya Naseem

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a coachee focused partnership to create an engaging and realistic individualised plan. Life coaching builds the needed internal and practical skills to support lasting change, that aims to improve mindfulness, self-awareness, self-motivation, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy. A life coach deals with both large and small challenges, reinforces values, uses past successes and non-successes, and builds on the opportunities. Life coaching is a two-way process that creates and maintains sustainable changes in the client’s life.

Several clinical trials and studies suggest that having a certified coach can create effective and durable behaviour change. Life coaching involves establishing one-on-one professional relationship, goal setting, accountability and creating a change in mindset.

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Fariya is an amazing personable lady who talks with passion and energy. Talks from a place of real belief in what she is teaching. An empowering and authentic experience. Workshop rating: 10/10
Vanessa O'Rourke

It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. Workshop rating: 10/10


Fariya, you have no idea how life-changing your quantum physics lessons have impacted me. I have shared it with so many people now. I miss you already. Bless you

Lynn Green

Fariya is a non-judgmental and accepting life coach who instantly made me feel comfortable. The thing I liked the most is her wisdom; she is intuitive, insightful, and easily makes connections.


It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. Workshop rating: 10/10


To be able to see life differently with a perspective of Science, understand energies with in you and people around you, feel gratitude about what you have, join this event! Workshop rating: 10/10


Thank you for the inspiring session and an easy understanding of positive approach in both spiritual and practical life management. Well done. Workshop rating: 10/10

Jackie Hendricks

I found Fariya’s presentation engaging, stimulating and full of information that expanded my knowledge and expanded my views.  I look forward to hearing future presentations.

Sara Irvine

Fariya is very kind and will genuinely listen to your problems and understand and work very closely with you to get things organized whether your struggling with your personal or professional lives.

What I learned in today’s session is that you have to love yourself, know your energies and vibrations. I also learned about the Human Brain, the Gratitude, and the energy of our language. xx 10/10
Anita Savant

I genuinely cherish Fariya and the wisdom she so generously shares and I support her new journey as a life coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guide.

Ballentyne Haines

I felt empowered and energized after the sessions with Fariya. I also felt my perspective had shifted so that I was looking at the big picture. This has made me feel empowered and excited.


Why I became a life coach?

Like most of you, life has been a journey for me too. I have been through ups and downs. I have made through a ‘things’ alone by working on myself and not giving up. I have learnt that we cannot change the event, but we can choose what we learn from it. We cannot change the experience, but we can choose how to react.

Life is all about learning lessons and there are no failures. People may not see your entire journey and judge ‘you’ based on ‘their’ understanding. You must understand that it is about them and not about you. You can choose who YOU want to be. KNOW YOURSELF.

I have broken many walls, passed various obstacles and grown courage inside my ribs to be the person I am today. Once I knew who I was, it became easy to GROW MYSELF. Life gave me lemons and I made a delicious lemonade.

I have realized that helping people, making them feel better about themselves, increasing their self-knowledge and facilitating personal growth are things that resonate with me the most.

Life coaching is an excellent pathway for unfolding love, compassion and empathy towards oneself and others. I want to help people know who they really are, what could be their destiny if they take charge of their own life. I  want people to achieve their dreams, be happy and grow more as a person. It is my small effort to create a better world for the next generations. As the saying goes – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. So, I decided to BE.

What are you waiting for??

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Fariya Naseem

Do you feel?

  • What if THEY will not approve me?
  • What if I fail?, what if I fail again?, why me?
  • I don’t have enough time for this, I am too tired!
  • I cannot take a break, life sucks!
  • No one loves me, am I invisible?
  • I am not good enough, fit enough, right enough, young enough, confident enough, rich enough, nice enough for this.
  • How can I get a better life?
  • I will do it tomorrow, or until it becomes urgent.
  • My past catches up with me, I am scared to say no.
  • I have always done this way, I don’t know what to do.
  • I get scared and anxious easily, how can survive through fear?
  • I am sick of people’s negativity, why I cannot stand up for myself?

Sounds familiar?? Did you secretly nod??
Come and talk to me. I am there to help you. Honestly, if you think I have some magical potion to give you, I am sorry. But what I have to offer is no less than that. I work alongside with you to build your confidence and empower your life. I use my knowledge, experience, wisdom, tools, and strategies to facilitate you taking actions.

Fariya Naseem

This may sound like I have got my ‘stuff’ sorted and I am ‘someone who knows it all’. Fortunately, that is not true, I am as human as you are. I love the fact that, like you, I am also learning. Over time, I have discovered and developed procedures and tools that can make anyone ‘quickly’ overcome situations and learn from them. Once you know how to bounce back things change, people change and the entire life changes. It humbles me to share that, I have been through a journey and I know what it feels like. That is the reason, my friend, I want to help you more than ever.
I always have been curious about life in general. Thankfully, life has given my opportunities, challenges, and insights to make me evolve into the person I am today. I have realised that it is not about what you achieve but what you become in process. Journey becomes more crucial than the destination itself. It is the journey and the decisions you make along are going to decide where you end up. And there is exactly where I come into action, by helping you empower yourself to receive the life, career, relationships, and self-worth you ever wanted to have. I help you to know who you really are and grow into your best self.

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