Corporate Workshops

A Corporate Workshops is a technically designed, highly interactive, and a fun-filled experience. It is a highly customized session that uses life coaching tools to create goals, strategies, and connections.

I can create a highly synergized and exciting experience for all your employees. I can focus the workshop on the development and implication of core values that make your staff perform on next level.

Being a physicist, I have a scientific outlook and I back my talks with research. My talks are not to flatter you with ideas. I refer to the latest findings and use great life coaching tools to design a high-spirited session.

Fariya Naseem

Topics to begin with:

  • Human response to fear
  • Stress management
  • How to grow resilience
  • Gratitude a magic pill
  • Building self-esteem and trust
  • Setting Smart goals
  • Power of visualization

  • Human mind and quantum physics

  • Thoughts, their frequency, and energy

  • Discovering your authentic self

  • Inclusion and inclusive practices at work

  • Universal design in business

Fariya Naseem

Support your employees perform to the BEST of their ability

According to Gallup’s recent State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or they are actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global “norm” are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity(Gallup). Help your employees perform to the best of their ability. Encourage them to move from low performance or/and burn-out state to a high achieving and contributing zone. By enabling your team to perform best to their ability, your company can achieve.Harvard Business Review suggests that the key to high performance is not the content of discussion but the manner of communication. Corporate Workshops by Fariya are designed for high level interaction and communication.

  • Higher targets
  • Boost in ROI
  • Improved work culture
  • Retainment of talent
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved creativity
  • Efficient communication
Fariya is an amazing personable lady who talks with passion and energy. Talks from a place of real belief in what she is teaching. An empowering and authentic experience. Workshop rating: 10/10
Vanessa O'Rourke

It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. Workshop rating: 10/10


Fariya, you have no idea how life-changing your quantum physics lessons have impacted me. I have shared it with so many people now. I miss you already. Bless you

Lynn Green

Fariya is a non-judgmental and accepting life coach who instantly made me feel comfortable. The thing I liked the most is her wisdom; she is intuitive, insightful, and easily makes connections.


It is a great learning experience. You may know things already but a life coach can provide you a proper path for doing things and put you in the right place. Workshop rating: 10/10


To be able to see life differently with a perspective of Science, understand energies with in you and people around you, feel gratitude about what you have, join this event! Workshop rating: 10/10


Thank you for the inspiring session and an easy understanding of positive approach in both spiritual and practical life management. Well done. Workshop rating: 10/10

Jackie Hendricks

I found Fariya’s presentation engaging, stimulating and full of information that expanded my knowledge and expanded my views.  I look forward to hearing future presentations.

Sara Irvine

Fariya is very kind and will genuinely listen to your problems and understand and work very closely with you to get things organized whether your struggling with your personal or professional lives.

What I learned in today’s session is that you have to love yourself, know your energies and vibrations. I also learned about the Human Brain, the Gratitude, and the energy of our language. xx 10/10
Anita Savant

I genuinely cherish Fariya and the wisdom she so generously shares and I support her new journey as a life coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guide.

Ballentyne Haines

I felt empowered and energized after the sessions with Fariya. I also felt my perspective had shifted so that I was looking at the big picture. This has made me feel empowered and excited.


Do you want your employees to:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Recognize their strengths
  • Be productive
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build connections
  • Express creativity
  • Become more adaptive
  • Feel inclusive

According to forbes, high performing teams:

  • Cultivate inclusion
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build respect and trust
  • Pursue personal excellence
  • Allow healthy conflict
  • Strive to innovate
  • Exhibit flexibility

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Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou
Seek after learning for the sake of your wellbeing

-Whakataukī(Māori proverbs)

Corporate Workshops:
To know yourself and grow yourself in a group setting

Come and attend my workshop for fun-filled evening. Meet like-minded people. Experience life coaching ‘live’ in action.

Learn techniques to get your energy back up. Use tools to create positive thoughts. What more?? Get your goals sorted and take a plan home to achieve them. Do this all and have fun!!

Jump off the fence and join in.

If not you, the who?? If not now, then when??

Come and participate in my Workshop!! I organise Workshops to make you achieve great results in small amount of time and have fun doing that.
Highly interactive, fun-filled, and technically engineered experience to give you head start with your life. You will meet other awesome people like yourself and we all will work together towards deeper self-knowledge, growth, and development. Great insights and action-based resources and results to take home.

Life Coaching Workshops

Come and participate in my Life Coaching Workshops: New Year Resolutions
Highly interactive, fun-filled, and technically engineered experience to give you head start with your life. You will meet other awesome people like yourself, and we all will work together towards deeper self-knowledge and growth.
Find, why you feel tired? Why do you get stressed and anxious? What is that taking your energy in life? Do you get into a loop of negative thinking? Are you scared to make a change? Why your New Year resolutions don’t last?

Power Workshop

The conversations and activities will target following questions:

  • How to find your core strengths?

  • How to change your mindset?

  • Why New Year resolutions don’t last?

  • How to set sustainable New Year resolutions?

By the end of this Power Workshops you will have:

  • A list of your top 5 strengths

  • Skills to develop a growth mindset

  • A plan to create sustainable New Year resolutions for 2022 with steps to achieve them.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari kē he toa takitini
My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, it was not individual success but the success of a collective

-Whakataukī(Māori proverbs)