Honesty is a great value to have, not only for those around you but for your own personal growth. If exercised continuously it totally can transform your life.

Before we go and talk about the benefits of being honest with yourself, let’s talk about why we need it the most.

Do you often feel you are criticising yourself and others most of the time? Do you complaint a lot and cannot take action? Do you find it hard to take criticism from others? You feel a pressure to perform, but you don’t have enough creativity? You always end up, comparing yourself to others?

Let’s learn to be honest with ourselves. You can develop honesty like any other brain muscle by following these suggestions-

🔎  Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be who you are, except the fact that you’re working towards a bigger purpose or goal. Be willing to step into your pain so that you can face your fears.

🔎  Allow yourself to be imperfect. Allow and except that you can make mistakes, and it’s perfectly okay to make mistakes because mistakes allow us to grow.

🔎 Develop self-awareness around the negative self-believe. Notice when you talk or think low about yourself. Create awareness about the low self-limiting beliefs.

🔎 Create a conscious thinking pattern in your daily life, and it’s going to give you feedback on the quality of your inner dialogue with yourself.

🔎Grow your perspective, things that are happening now may not look the same after 5 or 10 years. Seeing a bigger picture allows us to minimise our problems and develop hope for future growth.

✨ Honesty comes with acceptance of self, and others without any judgement. If we decide to move away from criticism towards the acceptance of who we really are as imperfect and vulnerable selves then can work together for a bigger purpose in life, we can totally make this world, a better place for ourselves and for others. ✨

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