Like most of you, life has been a journey for me too. I have been through ups and downs. I have made through a ‘things’ alone by working on myself and not giving up. I have learnt that we cannot change the event, but we can choose what we learn from it. We cannot change the experience, but we can choose how to react.

Life is all about learning lessons and there are no failures. People may not see your entire journey and judge ‘you’ based on ‘their’ understanding. You must understand that it is about them and not about you. You can choose who YOU want to be. KNOW YOURSELF.

I have broken many walls, passed various obstacles and grown courage inside my ribs to be the person I am today. Once I knew who I was, it became easy to GROW MYSELF. Life gave me lemons and I made a delicious lemonade.

I have realized that helping people, making them feel better about themselves, increasing their self-knowledge and facilitating personal growth are things that resonate with me the most.

Life coaching is an excellent pathway for unfolding love, compassion and empathy towards oneself and others. I want to help people know who they really are, what could be their destiny if they take charge of their own life. I want people to achieve their dreams, be happy and grow more as a person. It is my small effort to create a better world for the next generations. As the saying goes – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. So, I decided to BE.

What are you waiting for??