Here is my reflection for this year. The only difference is that this year it is happening on a public platform and not in my private journal.😅

I have decided to do so as I feel it

is important for all of us to see that life is a journey for all, me included. This has been a year of great personal and professional growth and success. However, there have been as many downs and I have tried my best to sail through them. Would you agree that this is the only choice we have, to try our best to sail through a storm??

I find myself very lucky to be able to live my passion and I’m able to serve people. I have worked really hard for this. There has been pain, there has been sorrow, there had been love and there has been friends. I’m very grateful for the lessons and learning. ❤️🙏

Will it be right to say that, it is the trial that make you the person you become?? Is it the challenges and hardships shape us and teach to be more thankful for?? Reflecting on this year, I’m very thankful to my Whanau (extended family) and trustworthy friends who have supported me and showered me with love in many ways.  ❤️

Come and talk to me on my next Life Coaching Power Workshop :New Year Resolutions on 12th December at the Riccarton Centre Christchurch. Let’s make 2022 a year of choice. 👍