There have been times in my life where I have been caught up in the cycle of focussing on stuff that is not done yet and creating a to do list to get more control around things. There have been times when I am focused on the future almost trying my best to monitor life as per my understanding.

Not realising that I have limited control over future and many things take time to unfold. However, things change when I bring the focus on the present moment.

In this moment, now and here, everything is perfect.

All that is required here is to pause and see. To see and realise that I have more than enough with me right here, right now, in this given moment.

Sharing picture of my water bottle, filled with one of the world’s purest mineral water. I filled my bottle to its rim from a fresh, bubbling, cold, and young spring that dared to make a way through the mountains.

I am enthused by the energy and courage of the spring as I write this.

This is the sweetest water I have ever tasted. Gratitude does not have to sprout from materialistic display. Gratitude can soak your heart in happiness and content. It can bring you to the moment where you exist.

What are you grateful for?
#gratitude #mindset