Muddy puddles……

On a sunny day that came after many rainy days, I decided to go for a walk at Hagley Park ( in New Zealand, for those who may not know). It was pleasant and I was happy to be out.

Trees looked washed. Birds were chirpy and clouds were light. There I was all excited for my journey through the beautiful green grounds.
After a while, I notice that my happy time was getting ruined by the muddy puddles in my path. As my focus grows, I find they are making it hard for me to continue forward.

As a muddy puddle comes, I start to think about the best dry area around and start to watch my steps so that I don’t ruin my shoes. My brain is working hard to avoid a muddy puddle and keep myself dry, away from the mud and cold water.

After I manage to cross a water pool, there comes another one in its full glory!! Another one after it, placed exactly in the moment when I don’t expect it. The fun for being out for walk was ruined.

Muddy puddles made me think of our life and its experiences. We start our life with a vision in our head about how we want to see ourselves after a certain period. We have a ‘happy story’ that we want to live.
Real life is far from fantasy and each one of us have our share of struggle, pain, grief, and loneliness.

This realisation created a big moment for me!!

Going through your pain is the fastest way out of it!!

Back to my muddy puddles, I decided to jump in the next one with full willingness to be united with what is offered in my path.

I realise that jumping in the water and letting one’s feet get wet in cold water is not the worst thing to happen to you. Instead, it gives you joy!!
So, as I continue to walk, I begin to appreciate that I am no longer afraid of small water pools on the road. They actually make me more confident!! I feel proud of myself when I enter or come out of one!!
These puddles only came in my path to make me more aware of the importance of my journey.

Further, I wonder how it became so difficult for me to allow my self to jump in water as this was something I loved doing as a child? When I was untaught and young, I would dance in rain holding my spotted yellow umbrella every time I got a chance.

Taking my power back to make mistakes and allowing my self to go through cold and muddy puddles.

What are you allowing yourself to do??

One more thing- You know what was the best part?? My four year old daughter who was learning to avoid the muddy puddles thinking this is something that stops her from running, decides to jump in as she sees her mummy doing so!! She learnt that its totally okay to stop during our journey and enjoy the muddy puddles!

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