Hey beautiful,

I feel really privileged to be able to meet and learn from amazing group of women. At a recent event I came across some real life journeys and found relatable. Good things are meant to be shared so, here I am sharing something that is precious to me. My intention to share my notes is to assist your healing.

There is what I want you to know:

A woman wants to be seen, to be loved and to be heard.

Speaking and processing the abuse is important.

You have to let go every day; you have to choose to forgive every day.

Our children learn from us.

Gratitude can teach resilience.

Do not come out bitter from negative experience.

Do not blame yourself, do not feel ashamed for what someone did to you.

Forgiveness liberates the soul.

Journal every day!

Do not judge people. Ask yourself- do you know their whole story?

Practice compassion when you can.

Feeling is a signal to change.

FINE stands for- Fucked up, Insecure, Neglected and Emotional.

You can change the narrative.

Feel the pain to heal.

Love yourself so that love is not a stranger when it comes.

Trigger is an invitation to do the work.

Our purpose is to heal.

Intergenerational trauma needs intergenerational healing.


I resonated with some of these ideas to the core of my being. I love the fact how we all are so different from outside but all so similar from within. Hope you find this helpful.


Love and light,